Who’d DARE pin back toughguy DANIEL CRAIG’s ears? HIS PLASTIC SURGEON!


HEAR’s a scoop that caught my ubiquitous ear: DANIEL “007” CRAIG’s made a New Year’s resolution to permanently pin back his trademark Dumbo head-flaps via plastic surgery!

Said a friend of the “James Bond” star: “Daniel’s always been oversensitive and self-conscious about his protruding ears – he recently confessed to the director of his super-successful ‘Skyfall’ movie that all he could see while watching the film was…his ears! So he’s finally going to fix them for good.”

Even though UK’s “Glamour” mag named him one of the sexiest men of 2012, that’s just so much hearsay to Craig, who’s consulted with several top surgeons.


Craig says he’ll definitely go through with the operation as soon as his schedule permits.