Watching new “HEATHERS” musical, WINONA shouts dialogue from audience!

 BLAST FROM THE PAST DEPT.: At an LA preview for Broadway-bound “Heathers: The Musical” – based on the ’80s hit flick – the audience included the star of the original, WINONA RYDER, who cracked everyone up when she sat a few rows from the stage and roared with laughter as the actors onstage emoted the lines she’d done onscreen.

But the audience REALLY roared when Winona – anticipating her most famous movie line, “WHAT IS YOUR DAMAGE?” – uttered it loudly, in perfect sync with the actress playing her character onstage.

“No one minded,” said a fan at the show.

“In fact, it made the show even more fun, if that’s possible. Winona Ryder was literally having a blast from the past!”