Scary brawler MIKE TYSON, back in the news after his arrest for mauling a foe-tog at LAX, swaggered into trendy West Hollywood restaurant Koi with wife, baby and two bodyguards, demanding a primo table “where everyone could see him.”

Said My SpyWitness: “The place was crowded, but the hostess found a table near the back, and Tyson immediately complained, ‘No…this is no good. I don’t like this table!’”

The hostess walked Tyson’s party to another table, but Tyson growled: “Look, I DON’T want to sit in the back of the room – I want a table right in the middle so everyone can see me.”

He pointed to a vacant table in front of the sushi bar, but the hostess told him: “I’m so sorry, that’s reserved.” Barked Tyson: “Well, I made a reservation too…and I want that table!”

By now, nervous eyes were on the fighter, who had that “let’s clean house” glint in his eye, so the manager rushed over and told the hostess: “Give him the table!”

(Well, BULLY for you, Mike.)