During then-pudgy Prez BILL CLINTON’s White House days, he famously ADORED Twinkies…so now that they’ve made a comeback, will Bubba bend the rules of that strict vegan diet he went on after his heart operation years back?

Remember, The Prez was so Twinkie-whipped he actually slipped one into a 1999 time capsule, alongside a chunk of the Berlin Wall!

Now here’s my scoop from a top Hollywood insider, who reveals that every week, Clinton’s FedEx-ed a dozen vegan “Twinkies” from the chef at a top LA vegan eatery!

My source, who’s sampled the healthy snacks, reports “they’re delicious – taste like the real deal.

"The chef makes them from his own recipe, then personally ships them to President Clinton – who’s told him that he never offers one to anyone else.”

(Y’all hawg healthy now, Bubba, you hear?!) 

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