Toyboy Casper Smacks Down J.Lo’s Gum Smacking!

Toyboy Casper Smacks Down J.Lo’s Gum Smacking! thumbnail

POP!! Talk about a sticky situation!

JENNIFER LOPEZ drives live-in boyfriend CASPER SMART nutzoid with her eeewwww habit of chewing gum like a horse chews hay – open-mouthed, making loud pops and smacking sounds – even in public!

Casper’s begged Sweetie From The Block to chill the chomping, and she actually tried to quit by making a New Year’s resolution…but just a month later, she was snapping away.

Sinking his teeth into the problem, Casper now combs through their house, her purses – even her “American Idol” dressing room – gathering up J.Lo’s gum packs and trashing them.

Said an insider: “She’s finally realized how much she’s upsetting Casper, and vowed to re-double-bubble her efforts to quit.”

Stay tuned…POP!!