Tough-as-Nails Eastwood Weeps For War Vets

Tough-as-Nails Eastwood Weeps For War Vets thumbnail

READ IT AND…WEEP! Even “Dirty Harry” can shed a tear – and that’s just what happened when 83-year-old CLINT EASTWOOD held a casting call for actors who are military vets to audition for his new “American Sniper” film, starring BRADLEY COOPER.

“Clint wanted men who’d experienced the real thing, so he sat all the actor/vets in a circle, then asked them to relate their war stories, one by one,” said My SpyWitness.

“After about 40 minutes of intently listening to tales of combat kills and bomb strikes – and how they’d been so haunted by experiences in war zones like Afghanistan that some had contemplated suicide – Clint, a vet from the Korean War era, actually began crying!

"Getting up from his seat, the star/director went around the circle, giving all the guys huge hugs – and several joked that their casting call had turned into one great therapy session!”