Photography by: Splash News Online

On the “Two and a Half Men” set, ASHTON KUTCHER got tagged with a new nickname – “Tooth Fairy!” – after waving his magic wand (don’t get ahead of me here, folks!) and aiding a woman who’s worked on the show for years as an extra/stand-in and was suffering from severe toothache, but didn’t have dental insurance or money for treatment.

“Ashton told her to go immediately and he’d cover the bill,” revealed Onda Settalot, my trusty spy.

“The dentist yanked the infected tooth, and inserted an implant. So when the lady handed Ashton the bill – saying, ‘You remember you offered to pay my dental?’ – Ashton nodded, eyeballed the staggering fee of $4,100! and gasped: ‘My god, that better be a gold tooth!’ ”

Then, seeing the woman’s stricken expression, “Tooth Fairy” quickly told her: “I’m joking!”– and said he’d happily cover it.

Aaaawwww! (Wow, two aaaawwwws in one column! Is that a record?) 

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