TOM HANKS rejects “Mickey Mouse” portrayal of DISNEY

TOM HANKS rejects “Mickey Mouse” portrayal of DISNEY thumbnail

 It was TOM HANKS vs. MICKEY MOUSE as cameras rolled on the set of the new WALT DISNEY biopic “Saving Mr. Banks” – and Mouse Kingdom execs reacted in shock and horror when they saw the celebrated actor playing iconic Walt as a chain-smoking tyrant who bullied his long-suffering staff.

“STOP!” shrieked Mouseketeer moguls.

But Tom, flatly refusing to portray Disney as lovable ol’ Uncle Walt without exposing his dark side, fired right back: “Walt Disney was no saint. He was bossy and moody. He smoked cigarettes, fought constantly with the unions – and that’s the way I plan on portraying him.”

Squawking like DONALD DUCK, the Disney honchos convinced Tom to throttle down on the chain-smoking and tone down Uncle Walt’s grumpy temperament – but he held his ground, refusing to totally sugarcoat the persona of the cranky creative genius.

UPDATE FOR DISNEY EXECS: It just isn’t your week, dudes! UK’s “The Guardian” just reported a new opera about Disney’s life premieres in Spain this week – and it portrays him as “a megalomaniac with…racist and misogynist tendencies!” OLE!