Photography by: FilmMagic


Before I tell you why Mr. Nice Guy Tom Hanks is driving his neighbors NUTS, let me list a few of those heavy-hitter neighbors in LA’s swanky Pacific Palisades: STEVEN SPIELBERG, MATT DAMON, ADAM SANDLER, SUGAR RAY LEONARD, BEN AFFLECK, “Two and a Half Men” producer CHUCK LORRE, RIHANNA, BILLY CRYSTAL and…well, you get the idea!

So… how did Tom trigger Trouble In Paradise?

“He simply wanted to cut about five feet off the top of a tree in front his house,” said an insider.

“But first he had to attend a special neighborhood hearing to get the tree trim approved unanimously – and that’s when fireworks started. One attorney and his senior citizen mother vehemently voted against the trim, saying ‘loud construction noise’ would bother dear old mom. Another woman complained that the tree approval process was so time-consuming it was ‘affecting the schedule for her divorce proceedings!’ That’s when people started grumbling that Tom was a ‘neighborhood nuisance.’”

But despite it all, Tom finally got his approval, and dashed off to trim his tree chop-chop…before anybody changed their vote! 

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