TOM CRUISE & Daddy’s Princess SURI rescue lost puppy on London street!

Here’s a three-hankie aaaawwww item about TOM CRUISE and Little Princess SURI, who spent Thanksgiving with Daddy in London – and suddenly spotted a cute puppy looking all lost and nervous in the street.

Said My SpyWitness: “Suri bent down to pet the pup as Tom kept saying, ‘There, boy’ – and moments later, the dog’s distraught owner came running up, stopping in shock as he saw a global superstar soothing his dog!

"The man couldn’t stop thanking his pet’s rescuers – then told Tom his family lived just around the corner, so…would he stop by and say hi to his wife and two kids, who are huge fans?”

Tom laughed, noting paparazzi starting to circle, and told the guy: “Trust me, you don’t want me at your house!”

But he took down the man’s address, and two days later, sent a car to pick up the family and bring them to the set of his film, “All You Need Is Kill.”

Said the source: “Tom, who truly loves and appreciates his fans, personally showed the family around and posed for pictures with them!”