TAYLOR SWIFT titled her last album “Red,” and that’s exactly what she started seeing after a brutal snub by the Kennedy Clan, who’d embraced her back when she famously dated ROBERT KENNEDY’s young son, CONOR, yet did NOT invite her to the glam wedding of RFK and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” cutieCHERYL HINES – even though she’d forged a special friendship with family matriarch ETHEL KENNEDY.

“Ethel praised Taylor when she was dating Conor back in 2012, and the star’s stayed friendly with both Conor and Ethel – so she fully expected a wedding invite.”

But a Kennedy source says that while Ethel was amenable to inviting the songstress, MARIA SHRIVER – Robert’s first cousin – was dead-set against the idea because she feared Taylor might want to get cozy with her own studly son, PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER!

“Taylor originally had her eye on handsome Patrick before she started dating Conor,” said the source. “Maria’s wanted to nip the idea of them dating in the bud, thinking it would be disastrous for her son. So Taylor now feels terribly left out at a time when she wants to be considered part of the family.”

other problem: New bride Cheryl was NOT enthusiastic about being upstaged at her own wedding by sexy man-killer Taylor!

KAUTION, KENNEDYS! Be warned: Taylor’s famous for penning poisonous songs about setbacks in her life – and a snub by an ex-love’s world-famous family’s got “HIT” written all over it!