Photography by: Splash News Online

 “The Avengers” star CHRIS EVANS has admitted needing therapy for anxiety triggered by his intense schedule since the movie’s success – but friends fear “Captain America” is actually headed for a nervous breakdown!

“Chris is fine when he’s working on a movie set, but all the other stuff – the meetings, the press interviews, being asked to talk before a group – just cripple him,” divulged a friend.

“He’s left events and even auditions, running away in a cold sweat.”

It got so bad he finally sought therapy, and now the student of Buddhism is dreading his upcoming sequels for both “The Avengers” and “Captain America.”

Said the friend: “We fear Chris is going to have a nervous breakdown when he should be his happiest.”

Revealed another pal: “Chris still finds himself losing it at the most crucial times.”

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