Studio Doggie Ban Triggers Kirstie Beastie Attack!

Studio Doggie Ban Triggers Kirstie Beastie Attack! thumbnail

Dyed-in-the-wool animal lover KIRSTIE ALLEY got mad enough to take a bite out of the producers of “Kirstie,” her new TV show, after they banned EVERYONE from bringing dogs to the studio!

Foaming at the mouth after learning she’d have to leave her tail-waggers home, Kirstie – who maintains a menagerie of various exotic beasties at her place – showed her flea-bitten honchos who’s really the boss when she marched into the studio leading a coterie of critters that included two lemurs, a pig and a mini-flock of quacking geese!

Feisty Kirstie, thoroughly amused as stunned observers gasped, growled: “Well, they said NO dogs…and these are NOT dogs!” Punctuating her point, Kirstie’s feathered friends started dropping droppings everywhere – and panicked execs quickly got the message, telling her: “Okay, bring your dogs! But please…NO exotics or farm animals!”