Streisand Rips Rogen New One Over Pot Gossip!

Streisand Rips Rogen New One Over Pot Gossip! thumbnail

BARBRA STREISAND phoned SETH ROGEN and ripped him a new one after he jabbered ad nauseam about her pot-smoking past on ANDY COHEN’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

Said an insider: “During the interview, Andy asks Seth – who’s an admitted pothead – if he ever smoked weed with Streisand when they co-starred in ‘The Guilt Trip.’ Seth answered, ‘No’…but instead of keeping his yap shut, he then blabbed on and on that Babs had once toked with PETER SELLERS.

"The next day, an angry Streisand called to say that even though she’s admitted to smoking pot with the Brit comedy star years ago, she didn’t understand Seth dredging it up all over again. Snapped Streisand, ‘Let it go, already! You’re a creative guy…so you can certainly come up with better material than my old stories!’”

Seth apologized profusely, promising he’ll NEVER exhale another word!