Stop stalling around, JACKMAN – Slip me ‘Les’ autograph NOW!!



Talk about nutty fans: HUGH JACKMAN got the shock of his life when he slipped into the men’s room of an LA theater after a screening of “Les Miserables” just before its nationwide release.

Ensconced comfortably in a stall – door closed, of course – the Aussie star got a shock he’ll never forget when he suddenly saw two lily-white hands tipped with red nail polish slide under the divider from the stall next door, waggling a piece of paper and a pen!

He later told pals: “I’ve been asked for hundreds of autographs, but this one took the cake!”

With grudging admiration for the ballsy move, Hugh jotted his John Hancock and passed it back. “Thank you so much,” sighed a soft female voice – followed by the sound of a stall unlocking and the click-clack of high heels out the door!