Stevie Nicks To LiLo: To Star In My Biopic? Get Sober!

GO YOUR OWN WAY, BABY! Hard-living LINDSAY LOHAN got shot down again by one of her biggest idols, Fleetwood Mac’s pint-size powerhouse STEVIE NICKS, who’s once again denied Lindsay’s plea for permission to play her in a big-screen biopic.

Stevie nixed the idea in 2011, said a close pal of the singer, insisting she’d never grant LiLo permission until she was drug-free.

Lindsay now claims she’s been clean and sober since her last rehab in July 2013, but Stevie, who fought her own battles with cocaine and prescription drugs, told the 27-year-old wild child that while six-month sobriety is a good start, she wants her sober for two years before she’ll discuss the rights.

“Lindsay has the pipes to pull off the role,” said the friend, “and Stevie believes she’d be perfect for it.”

To motivate LiLo, the “Rhiannon” singer told her she has no plans to sell the rights to anyone else. (So BEHAVE!)