Stars STILL sayin’ s***!

Stars STILL sayin’ s***! thumbnail

CELEB JAW-DROPPERS: Rockets are flying dangerously near the village outside Tel Aviv where gorgeous supermodel BAR REFAELI grew up, but she’s absolutely NOT guilty about skipping her Israel military obligation: “I don’t regret not enlisting because it paid off big time! That’s just the way it is…celebrities have other needs!”

And “007” icon SEAN CONNERY’s a major sex symbol because of (or is it in spite of?) statements like: “To slap a woman is not the cruelest thing you can do to her. There are women who take it to the wire – that’s what they are looking for. They want a smack!”

Join me in an “all hail” to Princess PARIS HILTON, who finally made her position in society crystal clear when she declared: “I am the closest thing to American royalty!”

And zillionaire DONALD TRUMP eloquently summed up ROSIE O’DONNELL’s triumphal return to “The View” with: “Rosie is crude, rude, obnoxious and dumb – other than that I like her very much