“Spider-Man” Garfield Gets Sticky With Emma Stone!

“Spider-Man” Garfield Gets Sticky With Emma Stone! thumbnail


“Spider-Man” hero ANDREW GARFIELD got caught in his own sticky web when he went overboard to protect real-life girlfriend and co-star EMMA STONE on the set of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

First, gallant Andrew demanded a stuntwoman for a scene that had Emma’s character opening a gate to let a dozen panicked horses escape from a fire!

Said my on-set source: “Andrew feared Emma could be trampled, but he unwittingly trampled on her ego – and she angrily informed the director she could do the scene without anyone’s help!”

But adamant Andrew insisted on precautions – including fitting a harness to his sweetie so she could be yanked to safety if anything went wrong.

“Emma survived the stunt, of course, but Andrew barely survived the bawling out she gave him,” laughed the source.

“She made it clear he’d better stop making her look like a wimp, or he’d end up one squashed spider!”