SNOOTY, SULKY LILO scared snit-less by fed-up morgue mates’ scary gag

EEEEKKKKK! Doing her community service at LA’s county morgue, LINDSAY LOHAN emptied a trash bin – and suddenly screamed bloody murder when a bloody, severed human hand bounced out and hit the floor at her feet!

“Lindsay went totally hysterical and bolted from the room shrieking,” said My Morgue Insider. “She was making so much noise she never heard the pranksters who’d played their elaborate practical joke howling with laughter!”…Say whaaat?…

That’s right, folks, co-workers got so disgusted with LiLo’s lazy ways and hoity-toity manner they decided: Let’s scare her to death!

“Lindsay has a real attitude – always acting like she’s better than anyone else and spending much of her time taking cigarette breaks,” confided a volunteer who’s worked with her.

“She speaks to no one unless she has to, and mopes through the work she’s assigned, like mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and washing dirty sheets.”

Fed-up workers bought the rubber hand, stashed it in a trash bin where Lindsay would be working, waited outside the room – then exploded with laughter when Lindsay exited screaming. Said the source: “When one of the volunteer organizers told Lindsay that someone had planted the phony hand as a joke, she was furious and ranted, ‘I can’t believe anyone would think this was funny! It’s really morbid – and so is everyone here!’”

WARNING TO LILO: Morbid morgue sources say they’re dying to hear you scream again – so watch your back!