The Skinny On Pacino’s Soccer Kick

The Skinny On Pacino’s Soccer Kick thumbnail

AL PACINO REALLY got carried away as he strolled past a Santa Monica park where a newly-arrived pro soccer team from Chile were bootin’ balls around, when suddenly…HOLA!…Es GODFATHER…OLE!…the excited athletes rushed over and literally lifted the star up onto their shoulders, carrying him around and chanting, “AL PACINO… AL PACINO!”

Said My SpyWitness: “It was hilarious! These guys were really Pacino fans – actually yelling lines from his movies, like, ‘Say hello to my little friend!’ and ‘When you f*** with me, you’re f*****g with the BEST!’ – all while waving imaginary machine guns around! Al, poker-faced as always, looked like he was okay with all the boyish fan fun, but eventually got the guys to put him down. Then he shook everyone’s hand, walked them over to a yogurt shop and told the owners to ‘give these crazy guys whatever they want!’”

Then he disappeared down the street, no doubt muttering: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”