WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE…! “True Blood” star ALEXANDER SKARSGARD whooped it up and showed the town to some non-showbiz buddies – who ended up embarrassing him at Chateau Marmont.

Said My SpyWitness: “The guys got rowdy and management was giving them the eye until Alex snapped, ‘Chill! You’re gonna get us kicked out of here!’”

But bad vibes escalated when a dazzling brunette walked by their table, Alex’s pals started panting like dogs in heat – and one barked crudely as the star cringed: “Hey, look at my buddy – I bet you know him!”

Smiling sweetly, the woman gestured at the man behind her and said: “No, I don’t… but maybe my husband does!”

Alex, embarrassed by his pal’s crude behavior, sent the couple a bottle of champagne and told his buddies: “I love hanging out with you guys, but stop using my rep to pick up chicks."