Sizzling Senorita Sofia Shames Fiance With ‘I’m-Richer-Than-You-Are’ Rants!

Sizzling Senorita Sofia Shames Fiance With ‘I’m-Richer-Than-You-Are’ Rants! thumbnail

TAKE MY NEW SCOOP TO THE BANK, FOLKS! On the heels of The ENQUIRER’s shock revelation that the star-crossed SOFIA VERGARA/NICK LOEB romance was doomed because her grown son despised Mamacita’s nasty-tempered fiance/food marketing mogul, here’s what finally triggered the crash-and-burn – DINERO! (Or, as Sofia likes to call it, “MO-NEY!”)

“The relationship was already rocky because crazy-busy Sofia just wouldn’t set aside time to spend with Nick, and was totally sick of his nasty temper and wandering eye, but what reallykilled the romance were her endless, sarcastic boasts that she’s much richer than he is – even though he’s worth $15 million,” revealed a close pal of the couple.

“Sofia, obsessed with her estimated $70 million fortune, seldom missed an opportunity to bring it up. At dinner with friends, even at social engagements, she managed to mention her immense wealth – and how she’s the highest-paid actress on TV!”

When the “Modern Family” star relentlessly kept poking fun at egomaniac Nick, bragging that she’s worth four times more than he is, Loverboy finally snapped and had it out with her – warning that the subject of money was now taboo.

“Fed up with Sofia’s bragging, he just couldn’t take it anymore,” said the source. “They got into a huge fight – and Sofia finally broke off their engagement!” Nick, thinking she’d calm down, approached her two days later for a reconciliation try, but the smoldering Colombian sexpot burned him with: “It’s over – for good!”