“Alien” slayer SIGOURNEY WEAVER has a new target – WOODY HARRELSON. Sigourney went on the warpath at warp speed when Woody kept her cooling her heels on the set of their new movie “Rampart.” A crew member dispatched to bang on his dressing room door reported: No answer!

After a half-hour of bitching about her “unprofessional” co-star, Sigourney threatened to go find him herself when Woody suddenly showed, all smiles and looking totally relaxed. “Where have you been?” snapped Sigourney. “You were supposed to be here half an hour ago.”

Woody calmly explained that he’d been in a meditative trance, assuming a yoga position and tuning out the world – which is why he never heard the sound of one hand knocking.

When he eventually returned to the planet, Woody explained to his sizzling co-star, he figured he’d “better check to see when I’d be needed.” Is Sigourney buying it? Stay tuned.