SHIRLEY MACLAINE drops all-time SHOCKER! thumbnail

Notorious for her outrageously kooky utterances over the years, Space Cadet SHIRLEY MACLAINE totally topped herself, reveals a source, when she lunched at trendy Malibu eatery Tra di Noi with a movie bigshot and his mom – who’s collaborating as a writer on the film project they’d met to discuss – and abruptly blurted: “It’s great how well you and your mother work together. It’s an inspiring collaboration, but not surprising, because, well…you both were actually lovers in another life!”

Said a friend of the pair: “The guy’s mom, a very conservative woman, was visibly startled by MacLaine’s declaration – her eyes just about POPPED out of their sockets! Her son, totally repulsed, said he literally ‘threw up a little in my mouth.’ Ducking the sordid subject, he politely told Shirley, ‘Umm, I don’t think so. That’s not exactly provable anyway. Let’s talk about the movie instead.’”

After lengthy discussion, Shirley burbled enthusiastically: “I’m going to win an Oscar for this movie!”