This AMANDA “She’s So Hot” SEYFRIED item took place at her yoga class in a Sunset Blvd. gym as the big-eyed beauty sloooowly twisted her hot, sexy bod into hot, sinuous poses and…SLAP!…

(Sorry, folks, I needed that smack to snap me out of my fanboy reverie!)

Anyway… Amanda freaked when another woman in the class abruptly whipped out her cell phone and snapped several rapid-fire shots of the star getting herself into a twist – while rudely firing a flash in her face!

Class came to a sudden halt as Amanda snapped: “I’m trying to unwind and take a simple yoga class. Can’t you just respect that… and put your %$#@ cell phone AWAY?!”

All eyes drilled the rude skank, who turned bright red and babbled apologies – but the livid yoga instructor broke in and barked: “I’m sorry, too…but you’ll have to leave my class RIGHT NOW!”

Snatching up her yoga mat, Twisted Sister fled the gym as yummy yogi Amanda and her co-yo’s reprised  pretzel-ish positions! 

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