Terrifyingly close brush with death for SCARLETT JOHANSSON, who insisted on doing her own stunts on her new flick “Lucy,” when she was suddenly dragged down a street on the Taiwan location by a speeding taxi!

The blonde beauty, dubbed by “Esquire” magazine as the “Sexiest Woman Alive,” was playing a drug mule with superhuman powers escaping from bad guys by leaping from a moving cab.

But when she made her heart-stopping leap, a strap on Scarlett’s backpack snagged in the taxi door…and suddenly she was being dragged along asphalt.

ScarJo started screaming for her life, the horrified driver slammed on the breaks and the vehicle came to a screeching halt.

Crew members came running and helped the badly bruised and shaken star back to her feet, leading her to her dressing trailer as she fought back tears.

Filming was halted and a stunt double was brought in to complete the risky scene.