Once a babe magnet, always a babe magnet! Just ask 68-year-old TOM SELLECK, who was filming a “Blue Bloods” scene near an assisted-living residence in Queens, New York, and when word spread that the sexy senior hunk was working in the ’hood, more than a dozen old babes surged into the street, clomping over to the location on walkers and canes as one elderly charmer waved a cardboard sign that read: “Love you, you stud muffin!”

When Tom Terrific finally arrived, he grinned as the senior sex kittens loudly meooowed his name!

Said my source: “When informed his swooning fans were from an old folks’ home and had waited an hour to see him, bighearted Tom walked over and spent nearly half an hour talking to each lady, posing for pictures and signing autographs!”

Selfless Selleck then invited the grrrls to stick around and had crew members find chairs so his “fan club” could park their fannies.

No wonder those ladies love their guy!