SCARY SHOCKER on ROBIN WILLIAMS set: Funnyfella darn near dies laughing!

SCARY SHOCKER on ROBIN WILLIAMS set: Funnyfella darn near dies laughing! thumbnail

This ROBIN WILLIAMS scoop made me realize how being a comedian can get downright dangerous – because no matter what you do, everyone figures you’re just kidding around!

When the famed funnyguy accidentally swallowed a balloon he’d been playing with on the set of his hit show, “The Crazy Ones,” he suddenly started choking – but cast and crew figured he was just joking!

Said an eyewitness: “Robin was playing around with a bright red balloon being used in the scene – putting it on his head, his ear, his nose – but when he stuck its end in his mouth, the inflated balloon abruptly exploded and a small piece of latex shot into the back of Robin’s throat. He began coughing violently, trying to expel it, and desperately digging for it with his fingers. At first, everyone just laughed, figuring it was just one of those improvs he’s so famous for – until he turned a bright shade of red!”

Co-star SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, first to sense the danger, started pounding on his back and screaming: “Oh my God, you guys – he’s really choking! Someone help him!”

As a wardrobe lady started dialing 911, a burly crew guy rushed up, grabbed Robin from behind, started squeezing in a classic Heimlich maneuver – and out popped the killer latex.

Helped to a chair as he tried to catch his breath, Robin nixed an exec’s order to call an ambulance, saying he’d be okay, and joked: “For a minute there, I felt like MAMA CASS!” Production was halted, but just an hour later, Robin was up and flying.