Scary Mila & Ashton Dogfight Under Hollywood Sign!

Scary Mila & Ashton Dogfight Under Hollywood Sign! thumbnail

Panic for pregnant MILA KUNIS and baby-daddy/fiance ASHTON KUTCHER as they sat chatting on a bench at their local dog park, situated right under the world-famous “Hollywood” sign, heard a startled yelping from one of their pooches – and saw it being attacked by a much bigger bow-wow!

Reports an eyewitness: “Mila instantly jumped up and started running to aid their pet, but Ashton was after her like a shot. Pulling his expectant fiancee back and telling her to stay put so she wouldn’t get hurt, Ashton took off at a dead run.

"Separating the two snarling, snapping animals, the star scooped up his dog, then shouted at the guy who owned the other animal – a mean-looking pit bull mix – who came strolling up nonchalantly like it was no big deal.

"Ashton read him the riot act, screaming his dog was too aggressive and needed to be on a leash – but the guy actually accused Ashton’s dog of starting the fight!

"As the guys growled and barked, Mila ran up, checked their pooch for wounds and – when she pronounced it A-OK – Ashton finally backed off, leashed their bow-wow and walked away with his mommy-to-be!”