Scary MICHAEL DOUGLAS CONFESSION triggers major MATT DAMON fallout! thumbnail

When MICHAEL DOUGLAS dropped his infamous kiss-and-tell bombshell, blaming his throat cancer on oral sex, shockwaves spread faster than an HPV virus – and Hollywood’s buzzing that the most-shaken victim might be MATT DAMON, who Douglas smothered with open-mouthed kisses when they co-starred in HBO’s blockbuster LIBERACE flick, “Behind the Candelabra!”

Said a TinselTown studio executive: “Jaws dropped all over town when Michael made his bizarre admission. First reaction from everyone was, ‘Ohmigod, poor CATHERINE ZETA-JONES. How will his wife handle the obvious questions?’” Catherine stayed mum, but right on cue, Michael’s ex-wife DIANDRA popped up to say – as one headline crudely put it – that her “lady parts are clean.”

And sources say unnamed partners Michael screwed around with during his so-called “sex addict” days are starting to sweat – but the most shocking whispers are about poor Matt! When the respected leading man opted to play Liberace’s male bimbo lover, he called it “a dream role.”

But many showbiz insiders eyed it as a potential nightmare – a prediction that’s come true beyond their wildest dreams!

Said the source: “There’s no delicate way to put it – did Michael’s enthusiastic open-mouthed kisses in their love scenes transmit the HPV virus to Matt? That’s the embarrassing question everyone’s asking!”

And it’s hard not to imagine that Matt and his wife are asking it too. It’s no slam dunk, but at least one medical study shows that HPV transmission via kissing is possible. But is it likely? And let’s not forget that another person must be racked with pain and doubt – Michael himself. It’s a sad note at the end of a long, fruitful career!

Stay tuned.