Saddest Story Ever: Jay Leno Haunts “Tonight” Studio Gates!

Saddest Story Ever: Jay Leno Haunts “Tonight” Studio Gates! thumbnail

THE PARTY’S…OVER? It don’t get much sadder than this, folks…three separate times in the past few weeks, my spies have spotted JAY LENO parked solo outside the Burbank Studios – just yards from the gate he’d entered and exited five nights a week for 22 years to do his beloved “Tonight Show!”

Said my source: “Jay can’t go unnoticed with his striking gray mane and craggy features. We saw him sitting in one of his vintage convertibles, staring steadily at the gate. It was so sad.”

Another source who witnessed Jay a few days later reported: “Jay was sitting in another of his vintage convertibles – an orange creamsicle-colored Packard – and he had the top down, so there was no mistaking him. He sat there a good 10 minutes before driving off. We all felt bad for him!”

(Turn out the lights…the party’s over…)