Going once, going twice, but… (gasp!)…Hollywood heartthrob RYAN GOSLING just turned down a record-breaking offer to star in “Fifty Shades of Grey” for… (sit, take a deep breath, brace yourself) …a staggering 30 million dollar$$$!

Said a source close to the star: “It sounds unbelievable, but it’s absolutely true – and that’s a far cry from the meager $125,000 offered to CHARLIE HUNNAM before he dropped out.

"Ryan was always first choice for the role of Christian Grey, but his reps sent back word he wasn’t interested – so after lots of back-and-forth, they finally put their 30 million-dollar offer on the table.

"But to Ryan, it’s all about his integrity as an actor – whether he connects with the script and identifies with the character.

"He told his reps to make it crystal clear that he’s turned down the project for good!”

(Expensive stuff, that integrity!)


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