God bless funnylady Roseanne for LOONY behavior that makes her a gossip columnist’s dream — but it’s worrying to learn she’s hired an ex-con jailed for a $44,000 rip-off of Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson — AND for stealing $30,000 from the LAPD widows and orphans’ fund! Warned by concerned pals that William Patrick Bentley — who’s running her Web site and video productions — is a ruthless con artist/forger and Tehachapi State Prison grad, Roseanne replied: “Frankly, I don’t give a damn!” Said an insider: “If she’s not careful, her money will be ‘gone with the wind.’ You couldn’t pick a worse guy to work for you!” Bentley’s a genius at scamming bigshots! After conning top LAPD brass into believing Tom Cruise would host their celeb golf tournament, even Chief Bernard Parks admitted ruefully: “This has not been a good experience!” (Careful, Roseanne!)