ROBIN WILLIAMS chills too-hot crew with cool surprise gift: SNOWBALLS!

MAN, THAT’S COLD! Thrilled to be back on TV with his new CBS series “The Crazy Ones,” ROBIN WILLIAMS started feeling sorry for the show’s male crew members – boom operators, sound guys, carpenters, etc. – who were dragging butt after hours working the LA location in 100-degree heat, so next day he passed out some totally cool gifts…groin-chillin’ men’s underwear called “Snowballs!” 

Said my on-set spy: “Grinning like a loony, Robin handed out these organic cotton tighty-whities he’d ordered online to more than a dozen guys, chortling that frozen plastic gel packs tucked into the crotch sorta cup and cool the cojones – and are guaranteed to keep a man ‘ferociously fertile!’”

Then, without warning, Robin blew everyone’s mind – abruptly dropping trou and showing off his own chilled Snowballs as cast and crew cracked up! 

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