Rob P’s Dirty Vampire Games!

Rob P’s Dirty Vampire Games! thumbnail

Giggling like naughty grrrls, vampire sex symbol ROB PATTINSON of “Twilight” fame and three male pals jazzed up dinner at a trendy WeHo eatery by playing a steamy truth-or-dare app game – asking and answering XXX-rated seat-grabbers like, “Ever been in a threesome?”…“When did you last ma******te?”…“Ever had sex in a public place?”…etc.!

Reports My UnderGround Spy: “It actually got quite shocking! Rob sounded like he was being totally truthful because his answers were so candid and quick, with NO hesitation. He held NOTHING back! He was very graphic, and actually volunteered more information than he was asked.”

(Folks, I hear you crying, “MIKEY, give us details!” But I can’t because…well, we’re a family newspaper, right? I feel your pain, but…! HEY, you want sexy vampire fun and games, check out Amazon for reviews of my naughty new novel, “Out For Blood: Private Diary Of A Gossip Vampire” – the adventures of a Hollywood gossip columnist who’s secretly…undead!)