Reese Reverts To Sweetie-Pie Ways!

Reese Reverts To Sweetie-Pie Ways!
Photography by: Splash News Online


REESE WITHERSPOON’s image as Hollywood’s good girl got tarnished just a tad – after that disorderly conduct arrest – and wants fans to know she loves them for sticking with her. So as she and daughter Ava stood on a Santa Monica street just as hubby JIM TOTH drove up to fetch them, a teenage boy rushed up, begging: “Reese, can I have your autograph?” Reese replied: “Oh, I’m so sorry, we’re illegally parked – but catch me at any event, and I’ll sign for you!”

Looking like someone had just drowned his puppy, the kid turned away – and Reese’s heart melted. “She actually got back out of the car to sign an autograph for the kid,” reports a friend. “She signed and told him with a laugh, ‘Tell everyone how nice I was!’”

Just then, a pal of the teen came running up and shouted: “Man, you scored! You can get 100 bucks for that signature on eBay!” Reese just shook her head and laughed again as she drove off.