QUEEN might regret banning HARRY’s love from U.S. tour! #JewelsFlash

QUEEN might regret banning HARRY’s love from U.S. tour! #JewelsFlash thumbnail

GINGER-HAIRED PRINCE HARRY blew his flaming stack when frock-suited Palace officials, backed by Granny (aka THE QUEEN), flatly forbade their high-flying helicopter jockey from taking newly beloved London socialite cutie CRESSIDA BONAS along on his official visit to the United States in May, when he’ll tour to promote the rehabilitation of war-injured American and UK troops.

Said My Palace Spy: “Harry was very excited when plans were finalized for him to visit the U.S. again – and he immediately invited Cressida to accompany him.

"But as soon as word reached royal officials that Cressida would be tagging along, they immediately put the kibosh on the plan, telling Harry he’s going to America as a royal representative and they won’t condone him taking along a ‘girlfriend.’ If Cressida were his fiancee or wife, that would be a different story, of course – but considering Harry’s reputation with the ladies, it’s not a precedent that the Palace wants to set.”

NOTE TO QUEEN AND PALACE PENGUINS: Last time Harry flew solo in America, he ended up flashing the royal jewels in Vegas – so wouldn’t Cressida’s presence preclude a painful encore? (Just asking!) Despite Harry’s insistence that his relationship with Cressida is loving and serious, the Palace stood firm.

“Incredibly, Cressida took the news well,” said my source. “But Harry’s still fuming!”