Producers Screw Actor & Katy Perry Goes “Roar!”

Producers Screw Actor & Katy Perry Goes “Roar!” thumbnail

“Roar” kutie KATY PERRY’s got a giant heart beating beneath that bounteous bosom – she actually confronted penny-pinching producers of her “Killer Queen” perfume commercial after learning they’d ruthlessly slashed an actor’s pay because a close-up got cut.

Said an on-set source: “In the commercial, three men appear in white wigs and French Renaissance costumes. The script called for tight shots on all three faces, but when one actor’s close-up ended up on the cutting room floor, cheapo execs cut him to a measly extra’s fee!” Roaring angrily after hearing about it from one of the crew, Katy – who doesn’t even know the actor – immediately went head-to-head with execs, demanding they cough up the dough!

“Katy proved she’s got the eye of the tiger,” said the source. “The producers coughed it up, and the surprised actor was delighted that Katy won her katfight!” Meeee-OW!