No, no, not the CHAIR!” . . .

“Sorry, kid!” . . . “No . . . NO . . . PLEASE . . . AAIEE-e-e-e-e-e!!”

Freddie Prinze Jr. played judge, jury and executioner when he ELECTROCUTED a dude on the set of “Summer Catch.” Freddie — famed in Hollywood as a serial practical joker — played his latest diabolical prank when he noticed a supporting actor catching 40 winks on the set. “There’s this thing called a ‘TIM’ unit that stimulates your muscles electronically — a box with wires and patches that stick to your muscles,” grinned Freddie. “This guy is out cold, so I put it on his leg and turned it on — but he DOESN’T wake up! So I turn it on more. His face starts twitching. I’m laughing hysterically. But STILL he doesn’t wake up. Now I really crank it WAY up — and his whole body is shaking. Now he rips it off, jumps up and screams, ‘You son of a b—-! I dreamed I was dying. OHMIGOD!'” Giggled Freddie: “The guy didn’t talk to me for three days!” Now here’s good news for future victims — IF they’re female! Freddie — famed for secretly freezing Selma Blair’s falsies solid (. . . man, that’s cold!) — confessed: “Julia Stiles got really mad at me about a cup of water over her trailer door — so ever since then, I’ve taken it easy on the girls.”