KANDID KAMERA KATE! His status as a role-model dad suffered severely after he cheated on PRINCESS DIANA with wrinkly old dragon CAMILLA PARKER-BOWLES, but let’s all holler “HAIL!” to Britain’s PRINCE CHARLES, who – gob-smacked when PRINCE WILLIAM suddenly informed him of an insane plan to videotape KATE giving birth to their first child – erupted and roared at his son: “Have you lost your MIND?”

Reports My Palace Spy: “William informed Prince Charles that he and Kate want to immortalize the birth of the future heir to the throne with video and photographs shot by William himself! Hardly believing his ears, Prince Charles ripped into William for conceiving a stupid, dangerous idea – and raged that he’d trigger the biggest royal scandal of all time if the images ever leaked.

"Reminding his son how horrified Kate was when photos of her sunbathing topless splashed worldwide, he warned she’d never want to show her face again if images exposing her private parts fell into the wrong hands!”

William refused to listen to his father, so the Crown Prince alerted THE QUEEN and Palace officials.

Said the source: “William was called on the carpet and officially banned from recording the birth. He’s not happy, but knows he’s powerless to overturn the royal decision."