Pregnant Christina: I want it NOW!

Pregnant Christina: I want it NOW! thumbnail

So…imagine you’re pregnant…and you suddenly get a late-night craving for spicy Korean food …AND you’re star hottie CHRISTINA AGUILERA…so you do NOT take “no” for an answer, right?!

Confides a close pal of “The Voice” thrush: “Christina suddenly started dying for spicy Korean, but it was late, and when she called her fave restaurant, Bibigo in Beverly Hills, the guy in charge told her, ‘So sorry, missy, but we’re closed!’ Desperate, she offered an extra $200 if he’d stay and cook some of her favorites. The guy apologized, said his help were leaving, and suggested she come in the next day. But now my girl starts whining: ‘I’m craving your food, I’m pregnant…I have to have it NOW!’ Then she hits him with her best shot – offering a mind-blowing $300 extra!”

That did it – the guy said he’d stay and cook, but had no one to deliver! Squealed Christina: “No problem-o…I’ll be right there!” Arriving just as the guy was packing her food into containers, she begged: “Let me eat just one thing right now – I’m STARVING!” Not wanting her to sit and settle in, the guy refused, insisting, “Sorry, I must go home!”

Rolling her eyes, Christina paid her tab, handed the guy three crisp $100 bills, ran to her car – and was shoveling spicy YUM down her pie-hole before her driver even got into gear!