Power suddenly failed at ZSA ZSA GABOR’s Bel-Air mansion, and devoted hubby PRINCE FREDERIC VON ANHALT – panicked because his 97-year-old invalid wife’s hospital bed and other medical devices abruptly crashed – erupted in a royal rage and ran down their steep driveway to the next-door neighbor, who confirmed that his power was also kaput!

Said a Zsa Zsa source: “What freaked Frederic out was his ailing wife complaining she’d been sitting up too long, and wanted to lie flat – but her bed wouldn’t work. Rather than phone the power company, Frederic kept on running down the street, spotted a nearby house under construction, and exploded when the contractor admitted they’d accidentally hit a power line.

Fumed furious Frederic, ‘You need to fix this immediately…you’re risking my wife’s life! She’s hooked up to medical devices that rely on electricity!’ The contractor said they were working on it, estimating power would be restored in about an hour. Bellowed Frederic, ‘That’s not good enough – I need it NOW!’”

Storming back to the mansion, Frederic went tearing up to Zsa Zsa’s room – only to discover her sleeping like a baby.

And by the time his liebchen awoke three hours later, the power was nicht kaput!