Porked-up Bradley Cooper Needs Proof To ID Himself!

Porked-up Bradley Cooper Needs Proof To ID Himself! thumbnail

DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” DEPT.: You’ve probably read about hunky BRADLEY COOPER packing on 40 pounds-plus for his role as a Navy SEAL inCLINT EASTWOOD’s new “American Sniper” flick – but seeing him porked up in person’s so shocking that one swanky BevHills hotel eatery actually demanded ID before seating him!

“Bradley’s a huge star, but when he showed up at the Beverly Wilshire, saying he was Bradley Cooper and had a reservation, they questioned it because he didn’t look like the regular handsome Bradley,” said an insider.

“Beefed up and dressed in cargo pants and a casual vinyl jacket, he looked nothing like the dapper Oscar nominee – so he had to show ID before they’d seat him!

"After finally being shown to a table, the hostess and another staffer commented about how unrecognizable he was – and actually asked, ‘What are you eating to get so huge!’”BURP!