‘Playbook’ pals playful again as BRADLEY tops funnygal JEN!

‘Playbook’ pals playful again as BRADLEY tops funnygal JEN! thumbnail

LAUGH-A-MINUTE LAWRENCE! America marveled at the lightning-quick wit of young-’n-funny honey JENNIFER LAWRENCE when she flopped flat on her kisser at the Oscars, but bounced right back up cracking wise to claim her Best Actress prize – and the 22-year-old cutie’s even scored guffaws from such showbiz giants as DAVID LETTERMAN, JAY LENO and “lecherous” JACK NICHOLSON – but here’s my scoop on how “Silver Linings Playbook” co-star BRADLEY COOPER finally topped her…and won the last laugh!

Working together again on an untitled movie in Boston, the chuckly duo, once again playing a couple in heat, had the cast and crew in stitches as they pulled endless pranks on each other – like the time Jennifer dunked her hands in freezing water just before jumping into bed for a love scene, making Bradley shriek like a girl when her icy paws clamped on his naked back!

Said My SpyWitness: “Bradley howled and jumped out of bed as Jennifer collapsed with laughter. Production came to a standstill and the director called a time-out to allow her to compose herself – but when she finally did, she was in for a HUGE surprise!”

Back in bed again, the twosome staged an intense kissing scene that ended as Bradley rolled on top of her and…YEEEOW!…this time it was Jennifer who freaked, screaming, “What the hell is THAT!!”

Bradley had finally…er, topped Miss Funnygal – secretly stuffing a giant-size plastic penis in his pants! Again filming came to a halt as everyone cracked up – with the notable exception of director DAVID O. RUSSELL, who was not amused, and made the pair declare a truce and stop wasting time with silly stuff!