‘Playbook’ pal BRADLEY proves Scaredy-cat JEN’s NO ‘Katniss’!

‘Playbook’ pal BRADLEY proves Scaredy-cat JEN’s NO ‘Katniss’! thumbnail

SCARY MOVIE DEPT.: “Silver Linings Playbook” scamps JENNIFER LAWRENCE and BRADLEY COOPER had a blast playing practical jokes on each other while lensing their still-untitled movie in Boston – you’ll recall I just scooped about how Brad topped Jen with his hilarious plastic penis gag – but suddenly, the mood turned…grave!

Said an on-set source: “They were planning to shoot a night scene in an old Boston cemetery when Jennifer, who’s usually up for anything, told the director and her male co-stars, Bradley and CHRISTIAN BALE, that she was feeling uneasy and scared.

"She insisted she must never be left alone during the shoot – and asked that they film as fast as possible, then get the hell out. Everyone agreed, and her co-stars tried to calm her down.”

Nice guys, right? WRONG!

What Jennifer didn’t know was that Bradley and Bale got the prop guys to carve a fake tombstone – then plant it right where they’d be filming.

So on the night, under pale moonlight, Oscar winner Jen suppressed a shiver as the director yelled, “ACTION!”…but bravely stepped into the ancient graveyard – and screamed as she spotted a gravestone that read: “JENNIFER LAWRENCE, born August 15, 1890. Died April 1, 1913.”

Shaking in terror, Jennifer shrieked: “That’s MY name!…Is this just a coincidence, or am I going to die!” Laughing their fool heads off, the jolly jokesters chilled Jen by pointing out that the tombstone date of her “expiration” was APRIL 1…“That’s April Fool’s Day, dummy,” howled the guys.

Everyone had a laugh-to-die-for – except Jennifer, who demanded they shoot the scene quickly, then beelined for her limo and lickety-splitted back to the hotel!