Pippa Snippy With Kate

Pippa Snippy With Kate
Photography by: Getty


She’s justly famed for her fancy frocks and flippin’ good taste, so Duchess KATE MIDDLETON, aka Princess Of Our Hearts, got a stunning surprise when Pretty PIPPA – that commoner sis of hers – suddenly turned up her perky nose when offered her pick of all the dazzling designer duds overcrowding Katie’s Klosets (great boutique name, eh?) and sniffed snottily: THANKS…but NO THANKS!

Said my London designer source: “Pippa, clearly not pumped about Kate’s generous offer, told a pal she’s ‘in no need of hand-me-downs that have already been photographed all over the world.’”

Oh, la-de-DA! Puhleeze, Pip!

Don’t be a royal pain in the…!