Photography by: Splash News Online

While bopping around Whole Foods Market in BevHills, JENNIFER ANISTON smiled politely when a tubby lady in a floral muumuu rushed up to gush she’s a huge fan – but Jen did a double-take when the gal burbled: “You know, you’d make a wonderful PAULA DEEN!

And you know someone’s going to make a movie about her troubles, so you should jump on that before somebody beats you to it.”

Gasped Jen: “Really? You think I look like… Paula Deen!”

Nodding brightly, Fan Gal chirped: “Well, of course you’re younger, so they’ll use makeup to age you. But there’s definitely a resemblance. I believe you could pull it off!”

Said My SpyWitness: “Jen, looking a tad tightly-wound, told the lady she’d get right on it – and split.” 

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