YOU THOUGHT I was a . . . WHAT?!”

gasped stunned Oprah Winfrey — after learning a swanky New York boutique had refused her entry because they’d ID’d her as a gender-bending BANDIT!! Shopping on Madison Avenue with her hairdresser, Oprah spotted a sweater she liked, rang to be buzzed in — but was ignored! Shrugging, she walked away . . . but noticed two white women entering the store. Oprah tried again — and still NO response! Racial profiling? Said Oprah: “I certainly didn’t think, This is a racial moment!” But even after she called from a nearby pay phone to make sure the store was open, Oprah was ignored AGAIN when “we started banging . . . BAM! BAM! . . . on the WINDOWS!” Back home in Chicago, she phoned the store and said, “This is Oprah Winfrey. I was trying to get in your store the other day, and . . . !” After hearing her story, the mortified manager said: “I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but we were robbed last week by two black transsexuals — and we thought they’d come back!” The guy apologized, offering to send the sweater she’d liked FREE — but all floored Oprah could say was, “You thought I was a TRANSSEXUAL?”