I’m a huge fan of ex-“SNL” star JASON SUDEIKIS, but three cheers for his gorgeous gal OLIVIA WILDE – who lashed out and tongue-spanked Funny Fiance when he rudely blew off a gaggle of teen fans begging for his autograph as they exited a San Fernando Valley eatery. “Jason waved his hands to shoo the kids away, walked swiftly to his car, jumped in and started the engine while Olivia was still standing on the curb,” said a source close to the star.

“When he rolled down the window and asked what she was waiting for, Olivia snapped that she wouldn’t get in until he got out and apologized. Jason kept motioning to her, but Olivia wasn’t budging – so he finally cut the engine, got out with tail between his legs and told the kids, ‘Sorry…I’m happy to take a picture with you guys.’”

CLICK, CLICK went the kids’ cameras as Jason signed autographs, and Olivia – after giving her man a big hug – opened the car door and climbed in.

(Did I just hear…wedding bells?)

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