Olivia Wilde Birth Knocks Daddy Sudeikis Out – Literally!

Olivia Wilde Birth Knocks Daddy Sudeikis Out – Literally! thumbnail

Easter Sunday turned out to be a glorious – but slightly scary – day for comedy star JASON SUDEIKIS and actress/ fiancee OLIVIA WILDE: The pair celebrated the birth of their first child, son Otis Alexander – but new Daddy fainted dead away mid-birth!

Said an insider: “Jason was in the delivery room for Olivia, but witnessing and assisting in the birth suddenly became too overwhelming when he took one look at his child starting to be born, turned pale, mumbled something to a nurse – then went down for the count!” Two nurses revived him with smelling salts, and Jason – still woozy – kept asking if he’d missed the birth.

Said the source: “They told him, ‘No, you haven’t!’ Helping the star into a chair, they turned him to face laboring Olivia – just as baby Sudeikis popped out! Jason was totally fine from that moment on, endlessly tending to exhausted-but-ecstatic new momma Olivia and their bouncing baby boy!”